This is my personal home page where I now and then post information about stuff that interest me w/o knowing if anybody but Google reads them 🙂 As for the domain name, it’s an pun on the classic acronym AYBABTU and came up as a long-lasting joke at work. Hopefully, no-one is going to register it as a trade-mark and afterwards claim owner-ship for the domain-name (yes, this has happened repeatedly to domain owners in Denmark).

The picture on the front of the blog is (obviously) from Venice, Italy.

Below is the former  header picture. It was taken was taken by me in  the late spring of 2011 in Glendalough (south of Dublin, Ireland). It is nice too, but I wanted something less gloomy.


Whether  you like it or not  you can find yet another picture below. This one is from the summer of 2009 and from the Azores). I have a 75x50cm reproduction.

Michael Glad <glad@aysabtu.dk>

Link to my sister’s page (Google fodder): gladkunst.dk

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